From My Reading Desk

In my latest incarnation as an editor, I come across a number of books. Soon, I realized, most of these books were piling up on the shelf, often left unread. The only way to read them is when I have the incentive of keeping notes on them. These notes will provide the subject matter for this blog.

In the 1980s Dr. M. M. Thomas wrote a regular column in People’s Reporter with exactly the same title: “From My Reading Desk”. Through this column he introduced the readers to the emerging trends in the world of literature around the globe. He always wrote in long hand, and seldom rewrote his first drafts. Such luxuries are probably reserved for the rare genius, but this column is my humble acknowledgement of what he meant to me.

Disclaimer: The books discussed here do not fit into any one category; nor do they follow a particular order. While many of them may fall in the areas of religion and theology, many others may not. It may also be added that these notes do not follow the conventional rules of book reviews; they are often mere random reflections. For all these reasons, the notes shared here are unlikely to interest experts in these fields but will, hopefully, capture the attention of a few lay readers. On the brighter side, these notes are unlikely to take much of your time. Any comments or feedback that you can leave will be most welcome.

Jesudas Athyal